Blaine Lavigne

Visual Artist

New painting

I made this painting last week, titled: Apparent Shaman. The visual source is the same as my last painting (It Could): a 3-d model of a human face that I sculpted then distorted.

Apparent Shaman, 2014, Oil on canvas, 23-3/4"x31-1/4"

Apparent Shaman, 2014, Oil on canvas, 23-3/4″x31-1/4″


Happy new year!

I’ll start off 2014 by posting a painting I made just before the new year, titled “It Could”.

It Could, 2013, Oil on canvas, 27-1/2"x25-1/2"

It Could, 2013, Oil on canvas, 27-1/2″x25-1/2″

Update 2013

Update: I’ve got a couple pieces up at Artcite this month as part of their Doin’ the Louvre art sale; Just a couple of studies. I’m going to try to post on here every couple weeks, as my web-presence thus far hes been pretty weak.
Here’s a new painting:

Salience, 2013, Oil on canvas, 28"x42"

Salience, 2013, Oil on canvas, 28″x42″

Complex Primate Behaviours

An ink on canvas drawing of a chimp smoking a cigar and drinking brandy. It’s part of a series that’s currently on the back-burner in which the role of our evolutionary past is highlighted as a prime force in shaping the idiosyncrasies of human cultures.

Blaine Lavigne, Complex Primate Behaviours no. 3, 2011. Ink on canvas, 42″ x 28″.

My participation in Visual Fringe 2011

I am lucky enough to have some art displayed at the Windsor Fringe Festival this year. I have four pieces in the Visual Fringe show, and am very grateful to the people at Artcite for organizing the event, which will continue to run until July 30th in a variety of locations throughout downtown Windsor. Here are a couple pics.